Our footwear is based on European standard sizing.
When purchasing closed-toe shoes or boots, we recommend to size up, especially where you are in-between sizes. If you have a wider foot or higher arch we also recommend sizing up.

Need something custom size?

If you feel uncertain about which size will fit you best, or if you have any special requirements, simply input your measurements in the comments when placing an order and we will make your shoes as per your details.

In order to make the perfect-fit shoes for you, please measure your foot and send us the measurement details.

Follow these easy steps to get the right size. For the best fit, wear the socks you would usually wear with boots.

  • Step 1
    Place your foot on a piece of paper. Holding a pencil straight, trace an outline around your foot.

  • Step 2
    Use a ruler to measure your foot length. This will give you boot size. Do not round up the results (See diagram above).

  • Step 3
    Measure your foot at its widest point (at the foot joint, just below the toes).

  • Step 4
    Repeat the same steps for the other foot.

  • Step 5 Match the width & length measurements of your larger foot against our size chart. If you're in-between two sizes, go with the larger one.